Where are we now?  Commentary
By Larry Blevins - Email webmaster on mainpage (scroll down) April 30th, 2010

The world is full of turmoil with millions of lives at risk.  The Korean situation continues to deteriorate with the north firing across the DMZ on the south with machine guns, moving heavy artillery within striking range of the south, and stating publicly their nuclear capabilities.

They state with clarity their threat to launch nuclear weapons on the US if we attempt to prevent them from marketing these weapons to terrorist states, or invoke sanctions on North Korea.

Should a nuclear event take place it might just remove the deterrence of other nations from unleashing their nukes, and chaos could be the result.  We know India and Pakistan, China and Taiwan, and others would love to lob one over on their neighbors.

And I think this will happen and possibly soon.  In Revelation 6 verse 8:  And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.  And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Whether one takes this to mean the geographical 1/4th part, or a fourth part of the living people on the earth, it still represents an extremely LARGE portion of the population of the earth.  This occurs in the beginning of the tribulation, but we seem to be set for it to happen anytime now.

Focus on Israel.

What we know from scripture is that All nations, including the US will turn against Israel.  The US is not considered enough of a world power to be included in the Bible so we can take that for what it says.  Something dramatic must happen to the US.

It could just be that the rapture occurs and enough of the infrastructure is damaged that we dissolve as a country, or worse things could happen.  The US is currently taking very dangerous steps which are against Israel's national interest.  The US has adopted a "roadmap to peace" which is nothing more than an adoption of the arab "roadmap to the annihilation of Israel."

This places the US in deep dodo with God.  the salvation of the US has been our steadfast support and provision for the peoples of Israel, but now the US is bending to pressure from islamic sources that move her to pressure Israel to do things that are not in Israel's best interest.  God might just allow enemies of the US to destroy her either militarily or economically.

As far as Israel is concerned they may be getting ready to anger the US by simply defending themselves.  The news to date on the roadmap is simply this.  Israel has made concessions, complied, and the PA has done absolutely NOTHING.  Yet the US expects Israel to continue on with their part as if the PA is doing everything they have agreed to do.

The last of these is to release (against Israeli law) those who have murdered Israelis.  It looks like the Israelis are going to comply with this US DEMAND ... that is to say PA DEMAND, that the US in turn is DEMANDING that Israel do.  Should Israel comply as it appears they will then the PA will be a much more dangerous organization.  Israel will have no other choice but to kill them for Israel's survival.

And that could cause the 200 million arabs who want to utterly destroy Israel to attack them.  Should Israel be attacked she will defend herself with the living God leading the attack.  The arabs will lose.  This could make conditions ripe for the peace treaty spoken of in Daniel 9:27 to be signed.

So, for the few things we know as Christians, in concert with what we see happening in the world, the rapture is unlikely to be far off.  I know many have been taken on a ride by grand speculations and even those who have claimed divine sources.  they have had their hopes raised to fever pitches and then destroyed ... But let me encourage all of you who look for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is coming, and soon.  And regardless of what information you receive from what sources always filter EVERYTHING through the Word of God.  It has never failed, and He, God has never failed you.  That is why the only facts I can provide you with are from the Bible.  I try to make it very clear when I'm speculating, because even though I am careful to keep my speculation in agreement with scripture it is just speculation.

The Word of God is true forever.  Not on jot nor tittle shall pass away ......

Shalom, Larry