Massive Power Loss, Message From God?
By Larry Blevins - Email webmaster on mainpage (scroll down) August 16th, 2003

The first thing on peoples minds when the power went out in New York was terrorism.  That really says something about the effect the September 9th 2001 terrorist event, the twin towers loss, continues to have on people.  I strongly believe that the 911 event was and yet is, a warning from God to the people of the United States.

Almost immediately following that event, many flocked to churches nationwide seeking mercy from God.  This tells us that those people considered it an act of God.  But as time went on many of those have left the church because their fear subsided.  The immediate fear that God had judged the US and was taking action, waned over time, and now they have returned to their original ways of living, without God.

Now another much smaller event affecting much more people has occurred in the same place.  No one got hurt but fear was once again in the hearts of many.  Will they flock once again to the churches crying out "God save me?"  I think not!  While some will return it will be with much less fanfare.  But they will be few.

When God allowed 911 to occur it was a warning.  The event of this power failure was a reminder of that warning.

God has in times past used the unsaved, and those whose feet run to wickedness, to prosper because His purpose was to bless Israel.  I can't think of anyone who is a REAL Christian that can't see that the US is ripe and overdue for God's judgment.

The US is a place where one can legally murder their babies, and those women who do so justify their actions themselves and others.  After all, for most it is destroying the fruits of there having sex with someone whom they have not married, and don't choose to.  Many have had numerous abortions, the result of wild sexual promiscuity.

The government, moved by its people, rush to remove any reminder that her peoples ever believed in God.  I make note here that at the same time of the blackout the Alabama Judge is fighting to keep the Ten Commandments on which our law was based in his courtroom.  God Bless Him!

And the law has long ago fulfilled the statement of God:  Isaiah 59:14  "And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot, enter."

When God judged the earth in Noah's day many wanted to repent at that time, but when judgment falls God will not hear your cries for help, nor your screams of promises to repent, for He knows that all you want is to escape judgment not to truly repent.  Many times God equates judgment as coming on as a flood, "and they shall not escape"

God has warned the US by the witness of two, twin towers.  It was and is a stern warning, and now God has reminded us by this power outage of that stern warning.  Should the US follow it's current path God shall sternly judge the US.  And the tragedy that comes shall be enormous.

I believe that God has withheld His judgment long past its due date because the US has supported Israel.  Even though the peoples of the US mock God.  The Episcopal Church's election of an openly homosexual bishop is a denial of God's Word.  It is a mocking of God, an in your face denial that God exists, and a firm statement that they reject the Bible as being the Word of God.

But they are not alone; most of the mainstream denominations have done the same by accepting homosexuals as priests over their parishioners.    "Psalm 94:9  He that planted the ear, shall he not hear?  he that formed the eye, shall he not see?"  Those who deny God, deny His existence.  Let me assure God does hear, and He does see, and soon He will judge.

The US is pressing Israel to do things, which are against her interest.  The result of this is Jewish lives lost.  This policy is an "in your face" rejection of God by the US.  That by itself constitutes a basis for God to judge the US.  But God doesn't need these actions to justify judgment of the US.  God has been withholding judging the US for quite sometime because of the financial support we have given to Israel.

This is the same support we are using like a sword against His people.  And those actions place the US in God's sites for judgment.  Where is the outcry to the government from those who love the Lord?  Where is the outcry to the peoples from those who lead in places of worship?  There are none.  There are no cries, no talk, and no muffled voices.

There is just a stern warning followed by a gentle reminder.  Once heard and understood by many, now ignored by most.  When true judgment falls they shall not escape, and their cries of repentance ignored, just like the cries and warnings of the Lord are ignored now.

I don't think there shall be any more warnings in the future.  I think it's just a matter of time until God's angel's come on us like a flood executing the judgment we deserved long ago.

Shalom, Larry